Brian Bergevin R.N.

My name is Brian Bergevin R.N. and have been a registered nurse since 1979, I have worked in surgery since 1988.

I have known Dr. Golden for thirty one years, we first met in child birth classes, and as I remember, we didn’t realize that we both had professions that would have us meet a short time later.

There are several things that set Dr. Golden apart from his peers (in a good way). He never basis his caring for someone on their ability to pay.   Dr. Golden is a person in the caring business for the right reason, I have never heard him complain about the lack of payment he would receive caring for a pt.

Dr. Golden is a perfectionist, and his expectation is that staff helping him have the same commitment to his patients as he has.  I have known Dr. Golden for a long time, and know that if I’m not at the top of my game he will let me know. This has made me better at my own profession.  He holds everyone accountable, especially himself.

Dr. Golden is a person who will tell you the truth. It doesn’t matter what your title is, he will stick up for what is right for his patients, and staff. This display of truthfulness is something he has taught me in my own professional as well as personal life.

I feel truly grateful that I know Dr. Golden and have been able to be a part of his team in caring for his patients.