Oftentimes, you are referred to a Urologist because of a possible problem originating in the urinary bladder. Blood in the urine (hematuria), chronic infection, obstruction, etc necessitate an examination of the bladder. The examination is performed with a flexible, fiber optic cystoscope. Although it can sound uncomfortable, it is well tolerated. The examination gives us so much information about the cause of the problem. Local anesthesia is instilled into the urethra to numb the passage of the flexible scope. The cystoscopy has a camera and display so you can actually watch the whole procedure if you wish. I can point out the normalcy or any problem discovered so a plan can be proposed at the same visit. 99% of my patients leave this exam wondering why they worried so much about it. Flexible cystoscopy is quick, easy and usually comforting knowing everything is normal. If a problem is found, we will set up further testing/procedures to further elucidate the abnormality.

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