Urodynamic Testing

In our office we offer urodynamic testing in Spokane to evaluate your bladder’s function and efficiency.

The entire exam takes about 30 minutes, during which time your bladder is filled slowly and the pressure inside your bladder constantly measured. We also measure your abdominal pressure and external sphincter activity at the same time.

The test also involves you urinating into a container so we can measure the rate at which your bladder empties and determine the volume of urine left in your bladder after you void. To measure the residual urine in your bladder, Dr. Golden will insert a thin, flexible tube (catheter) into the bladder through the urethra.

We performs urodynamic testing in Spokane when:

  • You have moderate to severe involuntary release of urine.
  • Other tests do not determine the cause of incontinence.
  • Your doctor suspects there is more than one cause for your incontinence.
  • You are considering having surgery.

The test will confirm whether the amount of fluid left in your bladder after urinating and your urges to urinate are within normal or abnormal ranges. It’s also important for determining which behavior, medication or surgery would be most helpful for your incontinence or urinary dysfunction.

A number of results from your urodynamic testing will confirm bladder dysfunction. If more than a normal amount of fluid remains in the bladder after urinating, this suggests overflow incontinence, which is when the flow of urine out of the bladder is partially blocked or the bladder muscle is not contracting properly to force all the urine out. Other abnormal results include having less fluid or more fluid than is considered normal in your bladder when you first need to urinate, and not being able to retain urine when the bladder contains less than the normal amount of fluid.

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