Want a Second Opinion?

Finding out about a disease condition is quite difficult to deal with. A second opinion may just provide you with security, comfort, and the confidence that you have chosen the best possible treatment option for your condition. Most primary care doctors in the Spokane area often refer their patients to Dr. Rob Golden for a second opinion and an independent review of their initial diagnosis and possible treatment plans.

Why Go For a Second Opinion?

In medicine, a second opinion is often sought to ensure accuracy of the initial diagnosis and figure out the best possible outcomes for a patient. Also, it could also help reveal undiagnosed conditions and enables the patient to thoroughly understand his or her condition, the different treatments available, and its associated benefits and risks.

Second Opinion by Dr. Rob Golden

Dr. Rob Golden M.D. has been a leading urologist in Spokane for almost 30 years. His practice philosophy is to treat all patients with respect and compassion. Dr. Golden draws on his knowledge of both urology and complementary therapies to diagnose and treat acute and chronic urologic problems, in an environment of healing, caring, and transformation.

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