Prostate Health

Maintaining a healthy prostate can be a challenge. The media bombards us with magic potions for prostate, sexual prowess and power. Our office attempts to give you information and describe ways to maintain prostate health including supplements, hydration, habits, avoidance of certain irritating foods and drink. We advocate paying attention to symptoms of prostate irritation, obstruction and infection.

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) describes what the prostate does in 80% of men. This benign enlargement begins about the age of 30 and continues. The prostate enlargement is not concerning in and of itself, it is concerning when the urethra running through the prostate becomes obstructed that symptoms occur. The force of the stream is diminished, you void more frequently because your bladder does not empyy and you get up at night more often. Some men will strain to start their stream and the stream becomes intermittent. These symptoms are not only annoying, they can lead to significant damage to the bladder and kidneys. Oftentimes, we just follow the symptoms when they are mild. There are effective medications which help open the prostate and even shrink it. If these medicines become ineffective, there are other options like greenlight laser, plasma evaporation, etc. The important aspect is close follow up to determine the cause of the symptoms and the possible progression of the symptoms.

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