Questions to Ask Your Spokane Valley Urologist

Clear communication with your urologist is one of the key factors to a successful treatment outcome. Here at our Spokane Valley urology practice, we encourage our clients to prepare a set of questions before their consultation. One does not have to fully adhere to the checklist below but it pays to have a guide that will help you understand better your condition and treatment plan.

Understanding Your Condition

1. How serious is my condition?

2. Please describe my condition in a non-medical language.

3. What kind of tests will I need?

4. What are my treatment options?

5. Why do I need such tests and/or treatments?

6. What will most likely happen after the treatment?

7. Do I need to regularly see you for check-ups?

8. Are there habits that I need to quit or limit?

9.  What were the possible factors which resulted to my condition?

Understanding and Exploring Your Treatment Options

1. What is the success and/or failure rate of this treatment?

2  What are the risks? How about the side effects (immediate and long-term) that I need to look out for?

3. What are the alternative treatments?

4. How much is the overall cost of the treatment?

5. What are the possible scenarios if I don’t have the treatment?

6. Can I have enough time to think about the treatment?

7. Are their certain lifestyle changes that I need to do while on treatment?

8. How long will I undergo treatment?

9. What happens if I choose not to have treatment?

10. Can you provide me with written information about the treatment? Or maybe a reliable online source?

Finding a Spokane Valley Urologist

Respect and trust are also vital in your relationship with your urologist. Dr. Rob Golden M.D. has been a leading urologist in Spokane for almost 30 years. His practice philosophy is to treat all patients with respect and compassion. Dr. Golden draws on his knowledge of both urology and complementary therapies to diagnose and treat acute and chronic urologic problems, in an environment of healing, caring, and transformation.

Contact us now for a personal consultation with Dr. Golden. Call us at (509) 921.0099 of fill out this online contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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