When to See a Urologist

A visit to the urologist may not be the first thing in your mind if you notice that something is wrong with your urinary habits or if you see blood in your urine. You’d probably see a primary care doctor first. Here at our Spokane urology practice, we often encourage our patients to immediately see a urologist in for the following circumstances:

  • you’re thinking and planning of conceiving a child
  • you have problems conceiving in the past
  • you have family members and relatives who had problems with their prostate and other urinary structures
  • you’ve seen blood in your urine
  • you frequently suffer from incontinence or lack of urinary control
  • you often experience discomfort in the penis
  • you are currently taking Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs that address erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately, most men tend to overlook the importance of seeing their urologist as soon as they can and just put off a doctor’s appointment.  Here at our practice, we would like to point out that early detection could actually make a huge difference and may just save your life. The sooner you see us, the greater your chances of experiencing positive changes in your health.

Finding a Spokane Valley Urologist

Dr. Rob Golden M.D. has been a leading urologist in Spokane for almost 30 years. His practice philosophy is to treat all patients with respect and compassion. Dr. Golden draws on his knowledge of both urology and complementary therapies to diagnose and treat acute and chronic urologic problems, in an environment of healing, caring, and transformation.

Contact us now for a personal consultation with Dr. Golden. Call us at (509) 921.0099 of fill out this online contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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