Dr. Golden’s Office Vasectomy: Effective Results

The decision to undertake a vasectomy surgery is a very serious matter. Conventionally defined as a permanent birth control for men, the surgery should not be taken lightly. The supposed “reversal procedures” for vasectomy are nowhere near efficiency level yet. If you are mulling over the idea regarding this procedure, you should discuss about it thoroughly with your girlfriend or wife. After all, when you go for it, you can no longer have a baby with your life partner through a normal process. You and the partner must come to a solid decision before you start looking for a specialist to perform the said surgery.

Now that you have come to a positive decision for vasectomy, the next logical step is to choose a surgeon that is well-trained and experienced with this one-time birth control procedure. Urologist is the term for specialist doctors who handle vasectomies. Based in Spokane Valley, WA, Dr. Rob Golden offers a full spectrum of treatment options for chronic and acute urologic problems.

More importantly, Dr. Golden has mastered the Office Vasectomy procedure. This particular vasectomy is performed in-office (not in the hospital) using local anesthesia. It is also designed to be minimally invasive, as well as giving you as less discomfort and downtime as possible. With nearly 30 years of actual practice, Dr. Golden’s urologic surgery skills have been enriched by his compassion to help patients and to constantly provide optimal results. Once you’ve chosen the Spokane Valley Urologist, he will see to it that the instructions and steps are clear to you from pre-op to recovery periods. If interested to have a personal consultation with Dr. Golden, please call us at (509) 921-0099.

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